COC Singles

April 13, 2023

Bowls Bay of Plenty Champ of Champ Singles - Men and Women

Opening Day 1

It was a firecracker to start the women’s competition between Ngongotaha’s Charlene Beckett and

Te Puke’s Marilyn McLeod. It was Beckett that got out to a good start leaving McLeod to work hard

in the middle ends. It was McLeod playing an absolute bomb that provided the difference between

the two. Te Puke 21-19.

In the men’s event we were sent back in time to watching a great Western movie. Both Tauranga

South’s Frank Aldridge and Cliff Webber, from Omokoroa, drawing beautifully. However it was the

consistent play of Webber drawing the final shot before noon to win 21-14.

Tama Clarke of Rotorua battled hard against the studied delivery of Arawa’s Scott Ivimey, showing

glimpses of why he prevailed from his club. Ultimately it was Ivimey that handled the fast greens

better winning 21-13. Afterwards Clarke said that he had not played on such fast-paced greens since

playing in the National Maori tournament in Christchurch.

Back to the ladies it was a closely fought quarter finals matchup between Katikati’s Joy Scott and

Omokoroa’s Angela Stephen that captured the audiences’ imaginations. It was like watching two

boxers going toe to toe, each exchanging blows to gain advantage. It was whoever got on the jack

first that secured the end. It was Stephen left standing, winning 21-18.

Tauranga’s Sue Hodges showed her class over Papamoa’s Shiela Crimlis. Despite locking horns for

the majority of the game it was Hodges that broke loose and powered to the finish to win 21-11.

Semi Final’s Day 2

In the Women’s semi finals it was Matua’s Jean Morris vs Omokoroa’s Stephen. After nine ends of

each player feeling out the pace of the green, it was close at 8-7. Both continued to exchange ends

allowing each opponent an opportunity to get back in the game. Towards the end it was Stephen

that left the door open, allowing Morris too many opportunities to convert the end into multiple

shots. Morris winning 21-15.

In the other semi final it was McLeod against Hodges. McLeod shot out the gates forcing Hodges to

play a lot of saving run shots. Hodges eventually brought the score back to 9 -13 on the twelfth end.

But it was McLeod that found the after burners and powered home to a 21-9 victory.

In one men’s semi final Webber was up against Tauranga’s John O’Shea. After a strong start by

O’Shea it was Webber that changed the length to claw his way back into the game. The fight was

amazing with some outrageous saves from both players. It was Webber’s accuracy that

overpowered the natural play of O’Shea, eventually winning 21-16.

In the other semi final between the charismatic Jamie Williams from Mount Maunganui and Ivimey.

It was clear to see that both players were working hard to earn their right to make the final. After

Williams just missing the jack and glancing off bowls he was heard to say that it ‘ might be one of

those games’. His unique left hand style and his encouragement of his bowls weren’t quite enough

for him to overcome the consistency of Ivimey who ran out the winner 21-17.


Both finals were humdingers. The women’s was a hard-fought match with Morris and McLeod

exchanging ends through to the very last bowl being the ultimate decider. It was 4-4 after six ends

before we started to see a shift of both ladies dropping numbers to their opponents. In the final end,

it was McLeod who placed three bowls on the jack to apply the pressure to Morris. With only one

bowl left Morris decided to run at the head. Unfortunately she pushed it wide allowing McLeod to

take the victory 21-13 and become the Bay of Plenty Women’s Champion of Champions.

In the men’s final it came down to a draw off between Webber and Ivimey. Both players reluctant to

pull the trigger on several occasions and opting for second shot. It was Webber that decided to blink,

first going for his signature tennis ball shot and making a break of three after plunging the jack in the

ditch, when Ivimey was holding three. But Ivimey was not over yet, pulling out a Tiger Woods

impersonation getting back the three on the very next end. It was Ivimey’s studied delivery and

steamroller affect that overwhelmed Webber to take the title of Bay of Plenty’s Men’s Champion of

Champions, 22-18.