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Club Membership

If you are thinking of giving lawn bowls a go, then contact the clubs you are likely to be interested in to see how you can start the bowl rolling. All clubs will be keen to have you as a member so it is a matter of your personal preference in terms of what the club has to offer you.

Most clubs will have sets of bowls they use for social bowls that you can start with and once you are sure you would like to play no doubt you will buy your own set, new or second hand. A good set of bowls could be bought for $100 - $500+.

Involvement in social bowls such as business house is an introduction to the sport and even if you don’t have a team to join, the host club will organise your participation.

Clubs have a variety of membership options and usually there are concessions for first year bowlers and students – so check out the subscription details. Also of importance in choosing your club is the quality of the greens, clubhouse facilities, general ambience of the club, the availability of coaching and opportunities for playing at a competitive level (inter-club etc).

Lawn bowls is a game for all ages so have a look at the clubs you could be interested in joining and make some enquiries. Club contact details are available under the Info tab.

Choosing Bowls

There are countless considerations when deciding on the bowls to buy including:

  • price
  • colour
  • do you want a bowl that can draw around opposition bowls
  • do you want a bowl that holds a line with speed on
  • do you want a bowl that is predictable on fast and/or slow greens
  • do you want a bowl that is managable in windy conditions
  • what's the right sized bowl for your hand

and the list could go on. Of course you probably want a bowl that ticks all those boxes but unfortunately it probably hasn't been made yet. So the selection will involve some compromise and personal preference taking into account the conditions you usually play in.

Without expressing any preference, the following tests may be of interest to you. Bear in mind the performance indoors or on the test table may not reflect the performance on natural greens with outdoor conditions but it does provide some indication of the bowls characteristics. Having narrowed the choice to a short list, it is preferable to try them out for a few days. Some sellers will have demo bowls for this purpose.

give it a go!

If you or someone you know would like to give the great game of lawn bowls a go then get in touch today.