April 23, 2024

Bayof Plenty Centre Champ of Champ Singles Junior Competition 2024

Wow! We are back in the champ of champ season again where we go straight into knock out rounds.

First up has been the Men’s junior (year 1-5) singles held in Turangi. Unfortunately the day before was very wet which set the day up for many challenges of travel and venue preparation. 12 entries started the day with notable absences of many of the major clubs around the Bay of Plenty area.

In the quarter finals it was the local hero Steve Wallace playing in form Chris Campny of Tauranga South. Unfortunately for the locals a strong performance by  Campny put an end to their hopes by winning 21-9. In another quarter there was a strong match up between Michael Lyttle of Taupo and the very promising bowler Eddie Hagenaars of Arawa. After an early back and forth it was the consistency of  Hagenaars that allowed him to push through to win 21-19.

This set up an intriguing semi final for Hagenaars against Omokoroa’s Jeff Meekings freshly hot after performing extremely well at the Omokoroa Junior Classic. Both fought hard to control each end with a bit of tug of war. It was Meekings who finally broke the rope to win 21-16. Many spectators saying that the game was great enough to be the final. In the other semi another hard fought match took place between  Campny and Papamoa’s Dave Wallis. Again both players customizing well to the Turangi conditions and putting on a great performance resulting in Campny outlasting  Wallis 21-17.

In the final it was Meekings that controlled the game with great composure of a more experienced player. Going through to win 21-12 and secure victory of the Men’s junior championship for 2024.  

In the Women’s junior singles hosted by Taupo there were 12 entries again with  notable absences from some main Bay of Plenty clubs. Reverting back to the quarter finals, there was a humdinger between Te Puke’s Judy Cooper and Whakatane’s Kate Robbie. This was a game for all ages with both players not giving an inch. In the end it was time that could only separate the two with Cooper coming out on top 18-17.

In the semi’s it was the two dominate performances of Rachelle Morrison from Omokoroa and  Cooper of Te Puke that really shone through.  Morrison winning 21-13 over Taupo’s Simone Stewart and  Cooper winning 21-12 over Papamoa’s Fiona Davis.

With everyone anticipating a close final it was Morrison of Omokoroa who displayed great authority and presence on the green. From start to finish she exerted her style over the game, controlling the tempo of it well, to force Cooper into rushing slightly and making some uncharacteristic errors.  Morrison winning 22-13 to secure victory of the Women’s junior singles 2024.

And well done to the Omokoroa Bowling club who are now showing the fruits of their great work of developing new players in the game.